Be Part of a Legacy: Invest in Florida by Sternon Real Estate Group and Secure Your Family’s Future with A Green Card

Be Part of a Legacy: Invest in Florida by Sternon Real Estate Group and Secure Your Family’s Future with A Green Card

green card for families by sternon group

Sternon Real Estate Group not only builds homes but secures the lives of people. Being a pioneer in the real-estate industry, Sternon Real Estate Group has created the Fortune Star which is a 150 Million Dollar three-tower property just a few steps away from Disney World in Florida. Adjacent to a number of tourist attractions, Fortune Star offers the chance to be part of an exclusive community with world-class amenities. With spacious apartments composed of 1 and 2 bedroom units, Fortune Star serves to be a home where individuals and families can flourish and enjoy the picturesque setting to the fullest.

Receiving a remarkable response from investors from all over the world, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group is a golden opportunity that provides every nationality a chance to acquire a Green Card for the whole family. Investors from Srilanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Philippines, Kenya and Tanzania are flooding to be part of this exquisite property near Disney World in Florida. Designed by the world-renowned architects, Ray Scott and Matt Cormia, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group is an enormous development with 550 luxurious apartments neighboring Disney World in Florida.

Under the EB5 Investor Visa Program (EB5 Program), immigrants are eligible to become green card holders or lawful permanent residents through an investment which will fuel economic growth in the country.  Being part of this significant program, Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group holds the key to secure the lives of foreign nationals by making them a part of one of the strongest nations in the world. With the EB5 Program, various nationalities and their spouses including their children have the ability to obtain U.S. visa through a minimum investment which poses as a great advantage in which one has the ability to acquire more in return.

Fortune Star by Sternon Real Estate Group is a key that unlocks the dream to live in a masterfully planned community where luxury meets security. As a Florida investor, a number of perks are provided to the foreign nationals which ease their transition in the country. By obtaining a Green Card, doors are opened in which the education and career of their children are initiated. No obstacle is faced by the investor and their family. Each Member can peacefully reside in the community without any fear or distress of leaving.

Possessing a remarkable track record of developing and delivering quality projects, Sternon Real Estate Group has established itself as a reliable global entity. Through its latest 150 Million Dollar venture, Fortune Star is a legacy on its own. It has become one of the most sought after properties in Florida which is just a few minutes from the metropolitan hubs. With the Fortune Star, Sternon Real Estate Group has redefined the property landscape and upgraded the lifestyle choices of people. Investing in Florida is certainly the best decision that one can ever make.

Part of a well-established group, Fortune Star provides up to date solutions combined with a relaxed form of living. With more than 25 years of experience in the real estate industry, Sternon Real Estate Group has proven itself to be a prominent developer, contractor and promoter of world class residential, industrial and commercial projects in more than 40 countries. Having worldwide corporate offices, Sternon Real Estate Group has successfully completed path-breaking projects such as Fortune Star by providing outstanding infrastructure with exceptional facilities to its investors.

Offering a carefully designed 150 Million Dollar property and tying it with the EB5 program, allows the investors to obtain a Green Card which secure the future of family members. With its aim to provide a solid foundation for the future generation, Sternon Real Estate Group offers investors a stress-free and time-saving strategy of investing in property to earn a Green Card. Having an unparalleled experience in the real estate Industry, Sternon Real Estate Group is a legacy and Fortune Star is certainly part of that legacy which every individual should partake in.


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